The purity of forms contributes for the greatness of certain pieces

magnifying the essence of what’s really important, reaching the point of making everything around this collection indispensable.



W86 x D89 x H82cm SH47cm | W33.9” x D35” x H32.3” SH18.5”

The ESTOCOLMO sofa, as its name suggests, is the representation of the minimalism and sophistication of the Scandinavian trends, combining traditional details with the modernism present in this sofa. The nature’s inspiration is seen, as well, in the way the wood is finished, making it one of the most special items of the collection.



W60 x D62 x H83cm SH48cm | W23.6” x D24.4” x H32.7” SH18.9”

The ALICANTE chair is a simple and functional model to any dining or living room, able to be lacquered, in beech or ash natural color or stained.



W49 x D63 x H87cm SH47cm | W19.3” x D24.8” x H34.3” SH18.5”

The swooping silhouette of the Beirut dining chair is defined by its subtle rounded detail and sleek show wood frame. This versatile piece is an elegant addition to a variety of dining spaces and its curved shape and high back allows for optimum comfort.



W53 x D59 x H81cm SH47cm | W20.9” x D23.2” x H31.2” SH18.5”

The AGATA chair refers to the well-known Agate gemstone found for the first time in Sicily, Italy. They say that the bearer of the stone is protected against evil and diseases. This chair may not bring these benefits, but in a matter of comfort and quality is one of a kind. A unique and indispensable item in any dining room.



W59 x D50 x H76cm SH47cm | W23.2” x D19.7” x H29.9” SH18.5”

As the city named Braga this chair is inspired by the classic office chairs, with a lighter approach and basic geometric lines.Made up of a structural element that combines great visual lightness with extreme sturdiness.



W57 x D65 x H85cm SH47cm | W22.4” x D25.6” x H33.5” SH18.5”

The seat has been designed to welcome the body in a soft embrace.This chair sits well within both the commercial and domestic environment.



Chaise Longue
W192x D78 x H72cm SH42cm | W75.6” x D30.7” x H28.4” SH16.5"

With attractive piping detail Barrica is a classic design. With ability to carry traditional and contemporary fabrics, makes the model a favourite.

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