Our collection tries to perpetuate the values of global sustainability

closeness to nature, balance, freedom and, above all, authenticity.



W890 x D800 x H800mm SH450mm | W35” x
D31.5” x H31.5” SH17.7”

Inspired by the pleated skirts of the seventies, the ALFAMA armchair is, undoubtedly, the maximum exponent of sophistication. Its dimensions enhance comfort and its shape, although delicate, creates impact. It can be said that this item is almost a piece of art, not only by the fact that it is all hand-made, but also by the materials which are applied on it.



W680 x D680 x H740mm SH410mm | W26.8” x D26.8” x H29.1” SH16.1”

One of the stars of our collection, a supreme of the hand work in leather. This piece is all about leather and stitching, using a classy pattern on the back and a simple pattern on the cushion. A simple structure that is complemented with the purity and sophistication of the leather.



W1450 x D800x H800mm SH450mm | W57.1" x D31.5" x H31.5" SH17.7’

This model is an updated version of the capitoné legacy, being available in fabric or leather. The design of this armchair unites esthetics and comfort, which maximizes its functionality. It is, as well, a handmade item, being considered the haute-couture of upholstered items.



W2200 x D520 x H860mm | W86.6” x D20.5” x H33.9”

In walnut and lacquered feet, this sideboard is one of the most remarkable items of Collection. Having a classic inspiration, it takes us to the sixties, displaying details of modernism, like its straight feet lacquered in black, giving it a unique touch and contrast.



The HEMINGWAY table will make you want to work, study and, most likely, create. The detail in leather is just the necessary complement.

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